My fairy tales # 2 - Homeless kitten

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Once upon a time there was a kitten. He did not have a name. He was white to the homeless. He did not know his parents. And I did not know what happened to them.

He was brought up by other cats who, like him, lived on the street.

But he was not a sad kitten. He rejoiced in life. He ran around the roofs of houses, climbed trees and liked to walk on the playground.

When he came to the playground, he always rode on a hill. On this day he did the same. He climbed the hill and rolled off it.

But this time he was not alone. A little girl was riding on the hill. Her parents sat on a bench and watched as their daughter had fun.

The girl noticed the kitten and put it in her arms.

  • Oh, what a good kitty. What are you doing here? she asked the kitten.

But the kitten could not answer the girl. The girl did not understand the language spoken by the kittens.

She could listen only as a kitten meows.

The girl pressed the kitten to her chest and ran to her parents.

  • Let's take the kitten home. she says to her parents.

  • Why do we need it? we have a dog at home. said the parents. Look, he's so dirty. He is probably sick and can infect you.

But the girl did not calm down. She told her parents:

  • Remember, you told me that people should be kind. People should take care of the little ones and help others. Posotrite what he is unlucky. He probably wants to eat. We must help him. He does not have a mom and a dad.

The parents looked at each other and did not argue with their daughter. They really taught their daughter kindness and empathy.

So the kitten found his house. The girl gave the name to her new friend. Now the kitten has a name. His name is Liz.

Now Liz lives in a big house. He plays every day with a girl and purrs her under her ear.

Thanks to this girl the kitten became happy.

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