wizard's story and a jumping pot

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Once upon a time there lived a good old magician, using magic just to help the neighbors. He never reveals possession of witchcraft but explains that his herbs, spells, and medicines are available thanks to a small cauldron called a fortune pot. People came from all sides and gladly the magician helped.

Old wizards cherished many people until they died of age. Before he died he gave the legacy of the cauldron to the only child of the puppet. The boy had a different thought to his father. According to him, those who do not have magical abilities are useless people and young magicians often quarrel with the father because of his habit of providing help to the neighbors. After the death of his father, the young magician finds a parcel concealed in a small cauldron.

He opened it, hoping there was gold in it, but found only a thick slipper, too small to wear, and without a partner. On the sandals is a carved inscription that reads, "Very hopefully, my child, I hope you do not need it." The boy cursed his father's mindset, slippers thrown into the cauldron, and would use the cauldron as a dumpster.

One night a woman farmer knocked on the door. "My granddaughter suffered from a wart, sir," he said, "your father used to mix a special potion inside an old cauldron ..." "Go!" The boy shouted, "Who cares about warts?" Then he slams the door right in the face of the old woman.

At the same time there was a clatter and a pitiful voice coming from the kitchen. The young wizard pointed his wand and opened the kitchen door, he watched in amazement, at the bottom of the old cauldron his father's leg appeared a foot of brass and jumped up and down in the middle of the room, making noises.

With curiosity the young wizard tried to approach but quickly retreated when looking at the entire surface of the cauldron covered by warts. "What a disgusting thing!" He shouted, trying to remove the cauldron, then cleaned the cauldron, and finally forced him out of the house. But none of the spells he worked on, even he was not able to block the cauldron jumping up and down chasing him out of the kitchen.

The cauldron continued to follow up to the bedroom, jingling and making a loud noise everytime touching the wooden floor. Young magicians can not sleep all night because of the sounds of the cauldron.

In the morning the cauldron catches up to the dining table. Ting, ting, ting ... sounds coming out of brass legs colliding with the floor, young magicians have not started eating porridge, suddenly heard the door knocked. A grandfather was standing at the entrance. "My donkey, sir," he said.

"Lost or stolen, help without the donkey I can not transport the goods to the market, and we will starve tonight .." "... and I'm hungry now!" Snapped the young wizard, then as before he slammed the door in front of his grandfather. Ting, ting, ting, cauldron with one foot of brass hopping on the floor, this time followed by a mixture of donkey braces and groans of hungry people coming from inside the cauldron.

"Stay on the spot, be quiet!" Yelled the young wizard, but no magical powers could make the cauldron stop. It goes on and on and skips along with the wizard, wherever and whenever. Night had arrived, there was a third tap, there stood a woman while sobbing looked sad.

"My baby is very ill," he said. "May you help us. Your dad said if we get into trouble ... "Without waiting for the woman to finish the sentence the young witch slammed the door aloud. Soon the cauldron was in pain and full of tears. Floating every time, jumping up and down, sounding donkey brushing, moaning hungry people, and growing warts disekujur cauldron.

Although none of the residents who came to seek help to young magicians until the end of the week, the cauldron always provide information if there are people who are sick.

The following days the voices coming out of the cauldron grew like the sound of a cough, a baby crying, dog barking, spewing stale cheeses, spilling milk and out hungry snails. The young magician can not sleep nor eat with the cauldron beside her, but the object refuses to go and can not be ordered to be silent.

Until finally the young magician can not stand it anymore and shouted, "Come here, tell me all the problems and difficulties encountered." He ran on a dark night to the village, with a crock jumping up and down behind him. "Come here! I will try to heal you all and fix everything that has been broken! I have the cauldron of my father's inheritance, and I will make you all good again! "

With a cauldron running behind him he continued to run in the streets of the village, uttering a spell in all directions. In the house of the little girl, her warts disappeared and remained asleep. The donkey reappears, the sick baby returns to health. In every house of sick people and misfortune, the young wizard did the best he could, and gradually the cauldron stood beside him, sounding clean and shiny. "How about a pot?" Asked the young magician as the sun began to rise east. The cauldrons spew the legacies of the old wizard's legacy and the brass legs wear them. With them back to the house of the young wizard, the sound of a cauldron's foot was not as loud as before. Since that day, young magicians have begun to help the villagers as his father has done for many years. The cauldron of inheritance is like it already understands and never jumps back.



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