Today I learned on SteemSpeak: Legos are from Denmark

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##Come join the Public SteemSpeak!

One of my favorite places on the interwebz is the Public SteemSpeak. I've had a countless amount of amazing conversations, and have met some truly brilliant, hilarious, and passionate people. You never know what you'll learn, and in some cases (as is the case with this post) you'll learn something you think you should have known already.

1. As it turns out: Legos are from Denmark!

2. There is a discrepancy (by 17 years!) when the company actually started.

3. "Lego pyramids are satisfying to build, yet hard on the fingers." -ALX on Public SteemSpeak

4. There are 8 Legolands in the world! By comparison, I count only 12 worldwide Disney owned themparks.

More will be added to this list as I learn more, and get interaction! Feel free to share your lego factoids in the comments!


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