Interesting facts about dreams and sleep

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Here are 15 interesting facts about dreams – enjoy and what's most important, ... and they all show the same brain waves during dreaming sleep as humans.
Everyone doesn't dream in color: Approx 12% people dream in only black and white, Usually who have seen television in black and white others can dream in color.
We only remember 10% of the dream

Experience of emotion in dreams is real and in dreams, we feel negative emotions more as compared to positive emotions.
We dream of 4 to 7 dreams in a night. Our body is paralyzed while sleeping i.e during REM(rapid eye movement) sleep. That's why many time we are willing to get up but physically we could not able to due paralyzes.

Animals also dream, its not only the human body feature even a blind person also dreams as well.
In dreams we go through many unknown places, situations, and faces of the people but we usually remember only known faces dreams that's why when we meet someone in real life, sometimes we feel some connection or as if you known them or seen them somewhere in your life, which was just a play of your dreams, nothing has happened in real still you feel it.

Certain studies say if you snore you can't dream at that time. You can experience orgasm even in dreams

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