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3 Interesting and Surprising Facts

Reading books is one of my favorite past time. The last few days, I was having fun reading books (which includes encyclopedias and geography books) that were passed on to me by my aunt. I've read a lot of surprising facts that is definitely worth sharing!

Here's the first three facts to feed your brain!


Did you know that in the 18th and 19th centuries, there was a tax imposed on having windows?


Yes, you read that right! Tax on windows! There was a property tax called Window Tax in the 18th and 19th centuries in England, France, Ireland and Scotland based on the number of windows in a house. From 1747 to 1818, the tax was increased six times! The tax was abolished in 1851 due to strong agitation of its abuse.

Good thing it's abolished. I couldn't imagine how much tax I would be paying for having a total of fourteen windows!


Did you know that in the Caroline ( or Yap) Islands, people used carved stone disc TWO TIMES WIDER than a person's height as money?


Caroline (or Yap) Islands are tiny widely scattered archipelago in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean. The Yapese uses large stones (over two times wider than a person's height), carved from limestones, as coins. These coins are enormous and heavy. It is still used today in traditional Yapese occasions.

Yapese people those days were probably like, "Who needs a coin purse anyway?"


Did you know that paved roads more than 6,105,000 kilometers crisscross the whole United States stretched into one long super highway would encircle the globe over 150 times?


Imagine how long that super highway be if all the roads in the world put together!

One thing I love about reading encyclopedias and geography books is that it's like looking for easter eggs. Every pages is full of facts like gems that are either surprising, fascinating, interesting or sometimes even odd!

Thanks for reading!
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Window Tax Illustration

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WOW - I did not know about this!
A very interesting and informative post @khiera - thanks!
There are/were so many taxes many people even don't know that they pay them. Until 1993 one paid a special tax on salt in Germany.
A genius in France came up with that idea in 1286 already ...


I totally agree. I find this window tax surprisingly odd. Wait, a special tax on salt? Why is that though? Gonna do some googling on that.
Nice to talk with you again @Pundito! I'm beyond glad you find it informative. :)

wtf, tax for having a window?


I know! I was surprised when I read about it. To think I have fourteen windows in my house. Thank goodness it's already abolished. Haha.

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