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Another one of my favorite memories in the past two years is a particular @stimialiti. He's the most interesting psycho I've ever came across online.

What does he do?

Well, he zealously downvotes your small payouts below dust level. For a while, he targeted innocent Steemians that did nothing to him. I mean, look at his profile description, he can't even get his people straight. What do you expect from someone who has chosen to waste his life away manually downvoting everything?

On top of that, he's managed to craft a narrative that he's a victim (in his head).

The gist of it is that he's mad he got flagged for buying votes for his comments across multiple accounts. If you've ever seen his comments, it's a trail of annoying bot comments that follow each purchase. But hey, apparently, everyone else is the bad guy because we don't go after them all.

Newsflash: that's logistically impossible given SFR never had the automated capabilities until much later.

Here's the funny part, I recall him describing me as being psychotic. Well, why don't you take a look at what this man looks like on video?

That's the face of a mass school shooter if I ever come across one.

Oh yeah, I totally remember him manipulating poor @coininstant and then fuck Coin over when he no longer serves his purpose.

Oh, apparently, @bullionstackers also delegates to him too. Yikes.

Thank god shit like this can't be censored.


He's the most interesting psycho I've ever came across online.

He's extremely tenacious but sadly misguided. That's the best I can say about him.

I think you are being too kind.

Anyone who thinks that I'm @pjau can't be that bright. That's right; he thinks that two of my accounts (@saboin, and @actisam) belong to @pjau. I read that in the bio section on his blog page.


Can't say he's very smart.

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