FACT BOMB "Jellyfish"

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Hello steemians, hope you are enjoying our mind blowing facts so far?..... but you haven't seen anything as we have more shocking fact lined up for you that would make you bit you toes 😂..... sit back relax and enjoy the ride with @farms fact bomb

FACT BOMB "Jellyfish"

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#Do-you-know that jellyfish is the only creature on earth that is biological immortal, yea you heard me right!!! 😲... jellyfish can live forever, the only way they can die is if they are eaten up by another fish.

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Also jellyfish are master of cloning themselves, they can replicate to produce hundred offspring

Lastly jellyfish has no brain 😲.....

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This research prowess of farms is deep and amazing. Thank you @farms for educating us. We are going global

Amazing Info about Jelllyfish.

Wow... Amazing
Now I know and cant wait to know more. Weldone @farms

Shaloom, this aquatic animal is amazing, as in our planet there is an immortal being, here in Venezuela we give another kind of name to this aquatic, we call it WATER WRONG.

Very interesting your information

Excelete publication

Wonderful creatures. Peculiar characteristics. Greetings.

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Hi. The jellyfish can be tiny and also reach large longitus, as is the case of Nomura jellyfish, one of the largest in the world, can weigh about 100 kilos and measure more than 20 meters. Imagine community @fams diving and find yourself with this kind of jellyfish. #factbomb

A very instructive publication, thanks for sharing.

Nice imformation

They are beautiful and amazing. @farms have aroused my curiosity and I will investigate about jellyfish.