Cork is dangerous!

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Did you know?

Each year more people die by champagne corks that by poisonous spiders. Be careful while opening a bottle (and don't drink too much)! Cover your eyes while opening and turn the bottle away from your body and other persons. There are many cases where some "dangerous" things are not that dangerous at all. Sharks only kill 5 people per year on average, but many people are afraid of them. Okay, to be honest - probably there are not that many people out cuddling with sharks - but yes - you know what I mean.

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Personally I avoid drinking alcohol at all - there are a few exceptions each year like the event of new year and so on.
I hope you find this fact as entertaining as I do.

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If people knew how to actually open a bottle of champagne, there is absolutely no danger. You cant help ignorance, but remaining ignorant by choice....that is a different matter!

Well statistics are not lying! The highest risk to a human is itself.

That's very true ignorance isn't an excuse but with this information the amount of ignorant persons should reduce a little

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Yikes! Maybe it's time to switch to sparkling wines with twist-off screwcaps...

Thanks a lot for sharing this. It's an interesting fact everyone should know.

for the info

OMG, we need to ban cork. It kills. It is like the loaded gun of the alcohol brands. We simply can not have cork killing people. ban it and champagne, they are both killers. And while we are at it we must kill all those spiders and those sharks, they are killers too. ban the killers, ban the killers. ;-}.
Stupidity can not be fixed. Have a good day, make sure you stop by your local police station turn your guns in and then not complain when it takes them 30 minutes to get to you house after dialing 911 because someone broke in and are there to kill rob or rape you. Stupidity can not be fixed.

I didn't know that fact, it's very useful and is preventable, thanks for the information

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