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The Rana dynasty ruled Nepal for about a century (104 years) in Nepal from 1846 AD to 1951 AD. Jung Bahadur Rana (above picture) was the first Prime Minister of Rana dynasty and the first dictator of Nepal. During the Rana regime, only their families were allowed to go school, have a luxurious life and they would hang anyone who speak against them. People have to live in fear with their mouth being tied.

But not to mention that most of today's Nepal schools, colleges, historical buildings and monuments were all built during Rana period. They got luxurious life from British. When only India got independence then their rule was about to be overthrown. However, there are many reasons that cause their downfall.

The main important reasons for their downfall was due to division of their own family into different classes like high, medium and low. For example, a low class Rana family is formed when the one of their family member marries ordinary people. And they won't get the hierarchy to hold the throne. So such division created clashed within the family, revenge, murder. And this ultimately leads to their collapse in first phase.

The second phase was when all the Nepalese who fought for Indian Dependence fought for Nepal Independence too and with the help of Indian freedom fighter, a mass revolution occured in Nepal in 1951 AD under the leadership of former King Tribhuvan, which successfully marks the end of Rana regime.

Today most of the wealthy person living in Nepal are from Rana family, whose ancestors got so much of wealth from British and by selling Nepalese territory. These fuckers sold our territory to British in the name of luxury in the past. I don't give a shit if I see any Rana people or their son or daughter. I spit on them. That's not their property.


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