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Today, it's more dangerous to be a 4 year old white girl growing up in a white family farm in South Africa than to be a US soldier in Afghanistan.

Death toll Afghanistan
Death toll South Africa

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Sad really especially if you are a white farmer!


Yes, and these Boers are essential for South African food production. If there's a civil war and they're all killed or some manage to create a small independent country, the rest of South Africa will fall into complete hunger within months and hundreds of thousands of Africans will flee and starve. The growing black communist EFF party in SA even want to confiscate Boer property and give it to blacks just like in Zimbabwe. And today you can read about how that works in Zimbabwe- massive food shortages and hunger. I don't know really, I don't want to try and sound racist, but it's as if they just don't know how to farm, they never invented farming either. My uncle who lives there said that he knows one of these black farms and the farmers aren't even planting new crops for the next year, they either desert it or they just chill out in the sun.

ah the realities of liberal progressivness in the world, take land that the indigineous people never farmed, turn it into successful farm land, make a little money, physically take that land back , give it to the indegenous personell that never farmed it in the first place and viola you have success. or not!