Ways to Facial at Home

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What is the cost of going to the parlor? Rather know how to make a feather in the house.

Due to irregular lifestyles and pollution, the brightness of the skin is lost. The skin needs regular care to bring back the brightness.

Here are some of the ways to take care of the face of the Faisal phaissal on the report published on Ruppov.

Clean up: Wash the face of the Faisal first step. Through this, perfect skin is available. Use gentle paswas to remove facial oils and dirt.

Scrub: An important step after washing the mouth is to clear the lymph and remove the coronary artery. You can buy scrubber from the market or you can make your own by using brown sugar and coconut oil at home.

Tone: Toner needs to be used after expeller or scrubbing. It helps to keep the skin's pH levels and feel comfortable.

Fax pack: Good faspac enhances skin and enhances brightness. In the summer and sunburn, you can create a pheasepac mixed with a mixture of rice yogurt and rice powder to remove the burn. It's the best way to get the skin bright.


Moisturizer: Applying Face Cream to Skin Moisturize. Choose cream to understand your skin type. Turn the skin on the skin with a light pressure to rotate.


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