Face The Challange #2

Hello dear friends!

I very happy with your feedback on first FaceTheChallenge so I won't let you cool down 😂
Now when we all understand rules, let's play another round!


Winner - 5 STEEM

Teaser of Face The Challenge:

(Teaser photo is here as proof of my choice)
I will post original non-blurry picture when someone win the challenge.
Photo is not here to help you in any way :)


You need to find out who is on my mind. I will give to teaser photo of someone (doesn't have to be a real character) and you have 20 questions to find out

  • Write questions in comments below
  • Each user can ask up to 20 questions
  • You cannot ask new question before I answer on your last one
  • I will not answer on your 2 questions in a row if nobody else post a questions or final answer in that time
  • Each user can try to guess 5 times
  • Read others participants questions, do not repeat question that someone have already asked
  • Questions will be answered depending on the time they were posted
  • Questions will be answered as soon as I can
  • After you run out your question you can always try to guess with informations you have got from newer questions
  • Edited comments won't be considered

How to support challenge:

  • Vote on this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Participate
  • If you have some extra money donate it to make new challenge possible

Support #facethechallenge with your upvote!

Payout of Face The Challenge posts are filling reward pool!

Greetings from @fibra59

full size


Is this person an actor ?

Is he a steemian?

Is it thetroublenotes?

do you follow this person on steemit?

Does this person follow you on Steemit?

I needed to check it hahah
This really was hard question 😂😂

hahahahahaha you're right it was very difficult, but thanks for answering!

That is why i'm here :)

Does this user's name start with a consonant?

Have he been a judge in any of your challenges?

The reputation of this user is more than 50?

hi, have this person recently published?

The consonant with which the name of this user begins is the c?

The consonant with
Which the name of this user
Begins is the c?

                 - rachelcreative

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

hahahahhahaahah I am dying 😂😂😂

well laugh if you want, this is really fun!

this haikubot is funny to me. I haven't seen it before 😂

Constantly publish your Actifit report card?

Is this user a donor in the meme challenge?

his reputation is over 60?

Congratulations on winning FaceTheChallenge #2!!!

Here is original photo:

+5 Steem in your wallet!

I need to admit you that I was really scared that you will find out after that first question.
Right away I was checking your follow list hahah
I thought that I didn't blurry picture enough 😂😂

It's my pleasure participating. Thank you

I wouldn't say it was so obvious. I guess it's because I've consumed a lot of his contents and it was just so glaring in mind. Moreover, I still saw this exact picture of recent 🤓

Hello @papa-pepper you have got one real follower over here 😂😂


I will need to start using some different type of censuring. Maybe mosaic, I will see.

Did you recognise photo from the beginning or other's questions helped you?

🤣 🤣

Mosaic form will be quite harder.

Yeah, I recognized the picture on first sight. Just decided to chill for some more questions. That was why my only question was if he was a steemian😀

I thought that this will be really hard challenge that is why I didn't want to fully blur the picture. I thought that you will ask a lot generally questions which can easily lead you in wrong track.
we all got lession this time:
I need to use different blur and
You all need to follow @papa-pepper because you never know why you will need him 🤣😂

🤣 🤣 Go easy on us Fibra. Well I believe no matter if the blur is light or heavy, the person who will get it right must have in one way or the other come across the picture somewhere or either familiar with the picture. Papa-pepper's pose was still quite obvious to me despite the blur because I've seen the picture before.

Is the photo of this game related to the user's profile picture?

Sorry we have got a winner. Wish you more luck next time!

He was a donor in the last meme challenge, that is, in which you published 4 days ago?

Sorry we have got a winner. Wish you more luck next time!

Well I'll wait for the next one... 😢

Thank you on great play! I was as nervous as I was playing while expecting your questions😂😂

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