Faces and Places - N E P A L Series

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This is the seventh post in a series of photos entitled Faces and Places. I am using the tag #facesandplaces in all the posts in this series, and invite you to use this same tag to share your portraits and experiences of various cultures around the world.

These photos were taken during my 2-month trip to Nepal, in May and June of last year, some in the children's home and school where I worked to continue developing a Montessori program, some simply in the streets of Kathmandu where there is an abundance of life and compelling moments to capture. I hope you enjoy these portraits:


Camera: Samsung Galaxy S4
Location: Kathmandu valley, Nepal

Nepali woman drawing water from a well in Bhaktapur



Camera: CANON EOS 500D
Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

"The child has a different relation to his environment from ours... the child absorbs it. The things he sees are not just remembered; they form part of his soul. He incarnates in himself all in the world about him that his eyes see and his ears hear." - Maria Montessori


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Monochrome M A C A U

Nepali school girl

Animal Portraits

Nepal earthquake 2015

Map Location: !steemitworldmap 27.7269349 lat 85.338866 long Nepal D3SCR


“Learning is not a race for information, it is a walk of discovery” - Jane Healy

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Thank you for taking part in this months #culturevulture competition. Good Luck

I think it's cool that you're using that tag :) WOW there is a distinct difference in quality with that 500D, but regardless the S4 really takes nice photo's!

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Very true Photobomb. Unfortunately I can't take my bulky Canon with me everywhere I go... but like you say, the S4 isn't so bad. Thank you so much for the support :)

Gosh, more stunning portraits. You really seem able to capture the beautiful life in each of your subjects. Love them. :)


Thank you for dropping by and commenting Johleen. So happy you like them :)
Have a happy Sunday!

another good set, thanks,


xièxiè nī :)

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A philosophical quote from Maria Montessori, and I love the 2nd photo - such a happy face :)


Muchas gracias mi pequeño jamón :)



thats great...


Thanks @travelnepal

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Became fan of your work !
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Thank you @akkha. I will go check out your posts :)


Thank you so much dear @osm0sis !