Facecoin Plans To Replace US Dollar.

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When I encounter this post in one of my readings yesterday I become so interested in the possibilities how not only how huge of a potential business Facebook can create but also on how it can impact millions or even billions of people. This can affect on people's behavior on on how they store and spend their money. It is also on Ted Livingston's Medium post that he discusses some details on how Facebook can replace US Dollars, how it can make sending money easier, faster, and more affordable. Also on some innovative ways on how to earn points and discounts just for storing money inside this app. How you track your money will be done through the blockchain technology, since no physical currency will be moved, it will allow Facebook to transact payments in their app without needing to become a bank.

Facebook can make lots of money through its efforts of helping people. Basically, you can take out your money at any time, but Facebook will add more and more reasons for people to keep their money inside: paying utility bills, buying food and other items, booking vacations and more.

Livingston said: " New ways of spending money through the app will become simpler and more powerful than the previous alternatives. Soon, there will be no reason for anyone to take their money out. "

I have mixed feelings on this, as we have seen in the latest developments how Facebook exploited our data to make money out of it but also I can see a technology fast emerging. This development can accelerate crypto mass adoption as people can now realize the benefits of a blockchain technology.

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Seriously who would EVER trust Facebook with their money!
They banned other Crypto products Ads while creating their own Cryptocurrency.
Completely anti-competitive monopoly behavior!
Join the Class Action against them at www.jpbliberty.com.

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Yes, that's why I have mixed feelings on this. People's data can get exploited but you also cannot deny the fact that this will benefit the lives of people especially the unbanked.
Facebook vs the banks at this time, eventually it will be the crypto industry that will benefit in the end as people will see the benefits of sending money without the high cost of intermediaries.