Everything They Aren't Telling You About The Facebook Hearings

in facebook •  2 years ago 

In this video, Jason goes over everything the media aren't telling you about the Facebook Hearings, including ACR technology and software such as Alfonso. He also covers stories that are being missed this week and ignored by the National Media.

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FB does not know nothing about the right to privacy !!


Senate is deliberately ASKING the wrong questions. So that Zuck can't even give decent answers, and he makes very happy use of the oppertunities that they hand him on a plate, some questions sound like grilling but they are very short and never go in dept OF those questions.

I'm no fan of Zuck, but he is just being used as a distraction while people in Syria are being killed by the hundreds.

After all this BS senate will sign more papers to destroy more privacy and Zuck will be the one to execute the data acquisition and will get a LOT of money in return for what he is doing right now.

Senate does not even ask questions that come close to the basic human right of privacy.
So the senate is the real bullshitting party.

Assange Zuck ans Syria are 3 COMBINED distractions that go hand in hand to push new regulations and enable crooks to fill pockets with corrupt money from the biggest industry that the USA has. Weapons. And to keep that industry going the ammo needs to be shot in the air.

Thats the bigger picture.

And there may even be a larger picture, but first we need to see this part more clearly before we can connect the dots to see the dinosaur