Mark Zuckerberg, Congress, Competition, and The User

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From early in this Hearing on 'How Facebook Protects User Privacy' a few interesting questions came early. One, from Senator Lindsey Graham about whether or not Facebook has any competition. I wonder how users of Steemit felt when they heard that question asked?

Mark Zuckerberg Testifies Before Congress on User Privacy Matters

I've written about the issue with lack of competition for facebook often. As the ceo and founder of TopNetworkersgroup, I and several business partners made attempts to move people off of facebook in the past. With attempts to move people to Crazygood, and then later TSU, each time people kept returning to facebook.

Senator Graham asked if Facebook has a monopoly over social media, to which Zuckerberg replied 'not that I am aware'. Loaded question, with an equally loaded response. What is it, about Facebook that keeps users on it, sharing, and refusing to use other platforms to stay in touch with family and friends?

Why do people act like this is the only social media platform on the internet?

Steemit users specifically often write about how they cannot get others to 'use this platform' with them. This is a challenge I also see, for Black content creators on this platform. By not 'sticking together' we are not circulating enough Steem between one another. Most of us are on here barely earning any money at all, for this and other reasons.

Such as non-blacks, not feeling like they can relate to our content. This simple task of group economics, once again seems to fly over our heads as we are 'choosing' not to engage in activities that would benefit us. The same can be said for people, in general, refusing to use other social networks to keep the playing field balanced.

For some reason, people are geared towards giving their money, time, attention, to ONE common source, rather than spread it around. The 99% financially support the 1% and often refuse to support fellow 99%'ers.

I Truly wonder what mechanism drives human beings to be this way....

Not being sarcastic, I truly do not understand.


Hey! Great post - you got our attention!
We recently posted an article about how the community is now requesting for Mark Zuckerberg to step down as CEO from Facebook! This all happened after the scandal with protecting privacy data. Anyways, go check out the article when you get a chance and let me know what you think! You can follow me here and I'll show you!

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