Zuckerberg does not have the ability to manage Facebook!

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Social media co-workers are not relieved about the increase in the number of Facebook around the world. Mark Zuckerberg expressed sorrow this week about the scandal related to the use of Facebook's information by Cambridge Analyst. In this context, he said he has no objection to Facebook control. And he does not want to decide what to decide on its content-related policy.

Note Zuckerberg's former consultant and entrepreneur Roger McNamy said that if any company can influence the US elections on its own, he is obviously very strong. Analyst Brian Wieser felt like the fact that Facebook is so strong or not, whether it is strong enough or not, so the main thing. On the other hand, Facebook's former executive communications manager Dex Torrick-Barton does not think that Facebook is very strong. But people think Facebook is very powerful, this idea is the real challenge. Although Mark Zuckerberg did not want to acknowledge the power of Facebook, it was understood in CNN's interview that he was relieved of his responsibilities. His discomfort is evident not in terms of new product offers, but in preparing policies that can affect the global scale

Facebook, with Apple, Amazon and Google's parent company Alfabet, is pronounced. They are also huge companies in the technology sector. Like other organizations in this group, Facebook overturns a new company overnight. Perhaps they overturned society too.It has affected election results.At the end of last week, the news came that Cambridge Analysts, affiliated with the election campaign of US President Donald Trump, entered into their databases without knowledge of five million Facebook users. There are more allegations against Facebook regarding data usage and privacy. Their influence increased, the more it increased. But this time it is not limited to ad sales, it has affected election results.

Zuckerberg said : "Creating Facebook policy for people all over the world in California is fundamental uncomfortable for me. The thing is, where is the hate speech? Who has chosen me to do this? I do not want to do this. Zuckerberg said in the interview that in 2004, when someone said to him during the establishment of Facebook, one day he had to fight with the state leaders, then 'I did not really believe that after 14 years I have to do this work'.

New Complaint
This is not the end, the complaint against Facebook has been raised. Facebook has been collecting phone calls and SMS data from Android phones for a long time without user's permission. Although the information was reported in ARS Technikar, the Facebook incident completely denied. Facebook has said in a statement that Facebook has collected as much information as the user allows. A Facebook spokesman responded to ARS's query that their job is to make it easier for users to find their favorite people. As a result, when users first sign into messaging and social media apps, their contact numbers are generally uploaded.
Meanwhile, Facebook has apologized for publishing advertisements in the magazine for fraud and fraud related information.

"Facebook is our responsibility to protect your information. If we can not do that, we can not fulfill our responsibility fully.

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