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So today, I had seven posts blocked by Fascist Book,
Several were about how GSM phone signals could help police track down the killers
of Luke Jobson using triangulation.
This is already widely used technology, accurate to between 50 and 200 meters.
Using that, they'd be able to tell where Luke Entered the Water, and possibly at what time.
Presumably, if he had his phone, it would have stopped working the moment he entered he water.
I'm an EX GSM Mobile Engineer, so I know about these things.

Here's the link I posted,


I then posted a few other links, one showing that since they opened the borders, Sweden has become the Rape
capital of Europe,

Here's the link.

Both shadow banned by Fascist book.

Isn't this covering up a crime ?
Doesn't the British public have the right to know that criminals can be caught via GSM triangulation
or that Travelling to Europe might be a little more risky that most people assume.

Is Fascist Book covering up Criminality from the public.

In all, they've removed 7 of my posts today.

Wondering if I should set up a gofund me,
let me take them to court, the public have a right to know such information.

What next, Facebook police storming my house and burning all my books.


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