How to Create A new FaceBook Cover Page for Mobile and Desktop

in facebook •  9 months ago

I'm the slowest person ever at developing my own Web assets. Tonight I created a new cover photo for my Facebook page, and it was tricky to get it to look right on desktop and mobile. There are different dimension for each platform, but you can only upload one image, so you have to format one that makes sense for both.

Thanks to this link, I was able to figure it out:

My new thing is figuring out what I can do in 1 hours, 2 hours and so on. I can't do everything I need to build my YouTube/Steemit/DTube etc audience, but little by little, I'm trying to get to all the foundational tasks.

I got serious about Photoshop, Premiere and a few of the other Adobe tools last summer. It's taken 6 months to get comfortable will all that, and I didn't start with zero knowledge. There is just a lot there.

ON MOBILE 820x461

ON DESKTOP 820x312 visible

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