Facebook Is A Quarter Of It's Former Self!

in facebook •  last year 

Is it me alone or did anyone else noticed that Facebook is about a quarter or less of it's former self? I guess the changes were made gradual but honestly I just noticed it a few minutes ago, maybe it's because I've been spending less and less time there. I was on the Homepage and to the right of the screen where you usually could see who is on, or when they were last there is no longer showing. It seems a lot more is gone too but I didn't take the time to check it through. It reminds me a bit of when MySpace was about to go under and Facebook was the new craze! Now that it seems Facebook is heading down the same road, what or who will pick up the slack? A lot of people are also jumping ship, mostly because of the Privacy issue, they claim to be in the process of cleaning it up, repairing the mistakes they made with all of our private data, but many have lost faith with the privacy aspect of the site, they just don't trust Facebook anymore. But I ask you which social media site doesn't exploit our private information? Once you are out there and put your information out on a daily, it's to the mercy of whomever. For now my account still stand open, but I remain spending less and less time there.Facebook1.jpgFacebook2.jpg

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