Facebook Is Losing Younger Americans

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Americans under 25 are quickly losing interest in Facebook. This doesn't mean the sky is falling for internet marketers. There is still plenty of money to be made if you are targeting users in that demographic, but the pool is beginning to dry up slowly... for now.

It's naive to suggest platforms like Steemit are much to blame for this shift, especially seeing how so many options are available and more attractive to younger users. However, as Steemit begins picking up steam (pun very much intended) and as younger FB users begin dropping off the platform, it's going to be cause for some reevaluation by major marketers in the very near future.

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Awesome post! It’s only going to get worse as more people learn about how they can monitize their efforts on social media using platforms like Steemit!

Exactly @brettcalloway - and so what should FB do? Of course, right now Steemit doesn't seem to pose much of a threat to Facebook, but I suspect things will change course eventually.

To be honest, I believe anything short of paying its users will result in its collapse. Yes, I agree, we still have years of Facebook domination ahead. Nothing will happen overnight. But in my opinion, it’s just a matter of time! Steemit is still in beta and there isn’t any competition in this space as of yet. Probably another 1-2 years before we see Steemit get any real competition from other blockchain based social platforms. So for now, I’m not making any huge changes. I’m just gonna play it slow and steady. But, it seems obvious to me where the future is headed!

It's fascinating to watch the change in social media- thank you for your feedback!

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