Keep Facebook profile secret as it does

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In the current era, Facebook is at the highest of the recognition among social media. however there area unit several users World Health Organization simply need to stay friends and acquainted folks in their own favorite list. Besides, nobody will realize his Facebook profile while not his friends.

Yes, {you will|you'll|you'll be able to} set choices on your account in such some way that nobody else can realize you except friends. notwithstanding you're not yearning for email-id.

Step-1: 1st, open your Facebook profile and click on on the arrow that has the correct arrow within the higher right corner.

Step-2: Then click on the privacy choices on the screen.

Step-3: There {you will|you'll|you'll be able to} see 'Who can contact me'. This text can have edit choices on the correct. Then click thereon and replace 'Everyone' with 'Friends of friends' possibility. this suggests that friends of your friend World Health Organization area unit common friends will solely send you friend requests.

Step-4: There area unit choices below, 'Who will Look You Up, mistreatment the e-mail Address You Provided'. Click on {this possibility|this feature|this selection} to travel to the edit option on the correct. Here rather than 'Everyone' you have got to stay 'Friends of friends' or 'Friends' possibility.

Step-5: equally, the 'Who will Look You Up mistreatment the number You Provided' possibility is additionally altered.

Step-6: Once all the on top of choices area unit properly elite, a box can seem, so it'll be written, 'Do you wish Search Engines Outside of Facebook to Link to Your Profile'. Click this feature to show it off.

Now checking out your Facebook profile for somebody unknown won't be simple.12.jpg

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