2009: Mark Zuckerberg claims Facebook won't share any user data with anyone the user doesn't want

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From a BBC interview in 2009, transcript to follow:

“So who is going to own the Facebook content? The person who puts it there, or you?

MZ: “The person who’s putting the content on Facebook always owns the information, and that’s why this is such an important thing. And why Facebook is such a special service that people feel a lot of ownership over. This is their information, they own it. “

“And you won’t sell it?”

MZ: “No of course not. They want to share it with, um, only a few people.”

“So just to be clear, you’re not going to sell, or share, any of the information on Facebook?”

MZ: “What the terms say is just, we’re not going to share people’s information except for with the people that they’ve asked for it to be shared.”

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Curated for #informationwar (by @truthforce)
Relevance: Facebook Selling Users Data To Big Corrupt Government To Track Us
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There are ways for companies to get their hands on the info through 3rd party apps and we dont know how many people were affected by the last leak

Suckerberg is a jerk.

He also called the first Facebook users "dumb fucks", after offering personal information about them to one of his friends.