The Age of the Great Pretender

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Take a good look at the image above. If you happened to see it without the copy-pasta effect, chances are it would have spoken to you. You see, there is a special brain numbing effect that Facebook especially provides to its products – who also happen to be the customers. All it takes is a little tickle.

The people sharing motivational quotes like the one above, are exactly the opposite of the message they wish to share. They have suspicions they are lacking in a specific quality. They know it and they dread it. And there is nothing to do other than overcompensate for their deficiency by making it a public spectacle.

Trust me, I am a doctor

When people say “believe me”, it is usually not a good idea to do so. When they say “trust me” run away. Previous actions usually speak for themselves whether one is consistent or not. No need to verbally verify something. If you are really a voice and not an echo you wouldn’t need to say it. You have done something original already. If you are just sharing the meme, then you are trying to create the illusion of possessing such a quality. A strong person never needs to say they are strong. A smart person has his actions speak for themselves.

What’s on the menu today?

Individuals who get lost in these kinds of quotes are usually pop-culture consumers. They absorb like a sponge whatever comes their way. They can be depressed one day when a meme figure comes along (say Charles Bukowski) and then inspired when another motivates them (say Jordan Peterson). Eventually, their identity piles up much like the trends. People also abuse the block feature. Inevitably, they create a safe space where people that have similar interests are constantly bombarded by the same ideas.


George Constanza famously said once; “It’s not a lie if you believe it”. I believe that this captures the situation perfectly. There is just too much influence within social media. Self-reflection becomes almost impossible. Vanity and keeping appearances becomes a matter of survival. People are constantly leaching whatever they can get their hands on. Their personality becomes one of the same. Ironically they all believe they are special and that no one can understand them.

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