Why It's Time For Facebook To Die

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I recently wrote an article for @antimedia about how you can download the 'secret' file Facebook keeps on all users (and non-users), which is aggregated by their algorithms. Facebook tracks your overall Internet activity and all private messages, regardless of whether you're logged in or not. This isn't news to most, but the true volume of private information they have on us is stunning. To read more about this increasingly insidious "surveillance capitalism" click HERE.

Many Steemit users value decentralization and understand the importance of migrating off predatory platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The problem is these networks have such a monopoly on social media. But that won't always be the case, especially when socially ethical, blockchain-based platforms like Steemit become more popular.

In the meantime, we must continue to educate ourselves and others about what's going on. Last month, I reported on the aforementioned tech giants and Internet gatekeepers testifying before Congress that they were combatting radicalism online by creating proprietary homegrown propaganda, which they called 'COUNTERSPEECH.' The disturbing implications of this psyop--which comes only 6 years after then-President Obama used the NDAA to officially legalize the use of propaganda on the American people-- cannot be overstated.

Such announcements come at the same time as Facebook alters their algorithm to filter out alternative news and create fast lanes and pay-for-play schemes to make more money while exploiting our data, propping up corporate news narratives, collaborating with the government, and helping to privatize the surveillance state.

It's past time to rethink using Facebook. It's time to fast track the exodus and let the old corrupt network bleed out.

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well said :) FB time to go the way of the MSM fall down and to never recovery again time to exit facebook now before it's gets any worse in the coming years i'm on facebook less and less it's so top down it ain't even funny hardly anyone likes facebook 110% anymore.

I just LOVE the way you report so unbiased and objectly
Using such terms as insidious "surveillance capitalism", predatory, 'secret' (I love the scare quotes)
socially ethical, ....it's GREAT !


Do you disagree with those characterizations of Facebook and Steemit?


I love your UNBIASED reporting.


yes, weird you put your opinion in your own opinion piece. lol.


I LIKE it....I'm taking notes..
Bless your heart!

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you made some good $$ on this post, good job. What are your thoughts re a lawsuit against said entity? I think they are seriously pushing it