Let's talk about dark side of Facebook.

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Facebook.. We all familiar with Facebook if we talk about numbers so 845 millions users post 4 billion pieces of content everyday this is a huge number.

But Facebook is only that what we see from outside??
And the answer is big NO Facebook has lots of negative sides too.
Let's talk about some--

*It uses phone's camera to judge your mood and reactions to posts, and identify people you're not friends with.

*It uses your phones mic to listen your voice.

*It can predict the likeliness of marriage or even death.

*It knows when you have a crush or are in a relationship by the number of times you visit their profile.

*It tracks your daily routine based on number of times you use Facebook.facebook_2156449b.jpg
And we all know about Cambridge Analytica Scandal.getty_935015144_351238.jpg

Basically we can say that Facebook knows everything about you or more than about you.
But why Facebook collects all the information??
It's answer is simple
So what we can do for our privacy?
Or uninstall the app and go to sleep.

By @jaissaurabh

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@jaissaurabh really sir we are product what you are thinking about you


Ohh no no I am not sir we are friends here..☺
And we need each other help for growing together.
And yes we all are product for fb.

There is good bad side in every technology you have to take that and use it [email protected]



@jaissaurabh yeah bro .....one thing like facebook have good features and have a bad also

Yes,but we are addictive to it

fb is a good and bad depends only on the user

Very nice blog buddy ..
Nd it's information are all true nd right..

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Thanks friend...

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