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The administration of the social networking site "Facebook" officially accused the Russian authorities of being funded and organized behind an advertising campaign aimed at stirring divisions within the United States from the platform in the period before and after the US presidential elections in 2016.

Facebook has conducted an investigation into this matter and proved the results of the investigation of Russia's involvement in the organization and funding of an advertising campaign on the social networking site Facebook, where these ads specifically aimed to raise divisions and tensions in American society and this was before and during and even after the presidential election, Trump.

Facebook reported in a statement published on Wednesday that this advertising campaign organized by the Russian side launched about 470 accounts on its social networking site, including links and worked between Mary 2015 and May 2017 most likely of Russian territory and spent about $ 100,000 for 2200.

The Russian advertising campaign against America focused on issues known to raise divisions within American society such as racism and homosexuality, as well as immigration and refugee issues.

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