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What is Kryptonia?

What is Kryptonia, in short, Kryptonia is a community built around Superiorcoin for users to complete tasks and be rewarded with Superior Coin. Carrying out simple social tasks such as liking someone’s video, following them on Facebook or essentially upvoting their Steemit article will reward you with Superior Coins. Once completed, the rewarded coins are put on hold in your account for 14 days until they are unlocked and can be used, saved or withdrawn.

So Why Use Kryptonia with Steemit?

Kryptonia is the perfect synergy with Steemit. In fact if you are using Steemit, upvoting, blogging, you are getting paid once to do so. With Kryptonia you can earn twice for the same interactions.
An example of this, if you go on Kryptonia and carry out someone’s task to upvote their post, you will be paid X amount of coins, as well as any curation rewards on Steemit. Whereas if you carried out the exact same action on Steemit, no superiorcoins! So it is pretty much a win-win situation.
When you first start out on Kryptonia, you are limited for coins, you do get your first task free. (We will explain about setting this up later.), but the key to success is to log in to Kryptonia each day and carry out a few tasks that will earn you coins, doing so, will mean after the initial 14 days, you will unlock coins every single day, if you keep up the consistency. You can then use these coins to create your own tasks such as receiving daily upvotes on your Steemit blog. Not only will you get upvotes, but if you use the tags Kryptonia and Superiorcoin you will also get free upvotes from their very generous bots.

Setting up a Simple Task in Kryptonia.

Setting up a task in Kryptonia is simple, however so many people get it wrong, or are too greedy, or simply tick the wrong boxes, here is a simple guide to setting up a task to get a free upvote.

• TITLE – Keep this short and to the point. IE “Steemit Upvote Only”
• DESCRIPTION – Again short and sweet “Please upvote my blog – leave your Steemit ID in the comments below”
• TASK URL – The link to your Steemitpost
• Image Attached – Don’t use this, you can verify by checking the upvotes
• REWARD – We recommend a minimum of 20 and 10 for Total Task Completers, this is a total value of 200 SUP for 10 upvotes, you can of course do less or more. The more total coins you allocate to the task, the larger the upvote you will get from the Kryptonia bots.
• ONLY FOLLOWERS CAN COMPLETE – If you tick this box, it is worth adding to your task description the following “Please follow me on Kryptonia then refresh this page to enable the task.”
• REPUTATION AND ACTIVITY SCORE – Set the reputation between 95-98 (Never 100) As for activity, set this to 10, only people that have carried out 10 tasks before can complete yours.
• ONLY MY CONNECTIONS CAN COMPLETE – Don’t tick this box, you will get no-one completing it.

Use Kryptonia on a daily basis build up your coin balance and of course grow your Steemit account whilst doing so. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you.
Image Credit: Kryptonia.

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Thanks for the post friend!... Very informative

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Due to an increased amount of tasks, we have changed up the voting power to evenly spread out the Upvote amount.

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