Facebook Has A Secret File On You. Here's How You Can View It

in facebook •  last year 

Ever wondered what information Facebook is keeping about you? Well, it’s pretty easy to discover but you might not like what you find dun dun duuun!.

Facebook stores a lot of information about you, including previous images, adverts you’ve clicked on, conversations, documents shared on Messenger, and much more. It’s not alone in doing this, mind. Google, for example, keeps pretty close tabs on you.
You can find out the cache of data Facebook has on you pretty easily. All you need to do is click the small down triangle in the top-right corner of any Facebook page. From here, click Settings, then go to the General tab and click Download a copy of your Facebook data at the bottom. After up to an hour or so, you'll get an email telling you your data is ready to download.

Facebook has argued previously that it does this openly, mind, not in secret to keep the platform free. Some might be comfortable with that, some not.

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