How Facebook thought I was stealing my own identity

in #facebook5 years ago (edited)

When you sign up with Facebook, they will ask of your photo first. I hadn't taken any picture of me so I ended up sending them a picture of Micheal De Santa from Grand Theft Auto 5


This didn't impress them so they locked me out. By this time I had already begun using FB for casual posting - I was showing a picture of my cat and guitar.

Then they contacted me again to send me a picture of myself again, I sent them the pic of Micheal from GTA5 again, thinking this wasn't such a big deal.

They disabled my account as a result.

By this time I had scanned my identification card, which was valid and had a picture of me. I sent them the full ID scan.


No response. Absolutely nothing was the response. They had a bunch of text convincing me they had staff seeing over me but there wasn't. I am banned. I am banned because they thought I was trying to steal my own identity - with a picture of Micheal.

This is the reason I am not on Facebook, or ever will be.


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