Facebook Team Lands at Delhi Man's House for Aadhaar Verification Over Political Post: Report

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Is Facebook taking things too far?

It seems like this company has absolutely no clue nor concern about privacy. It seems the company feels that everyone answers to it and it has the right to do what it desires.

There was a situation in India which really baffles the mind. Facebook representatives showed up at an individual's door after a political post asking for identification.

"It was like cops come to your door for passport verification. The Facebook representative asked me to prove my credentials by asking for my Aadhaar card and other documents to understand if I am the one who had posted the political content," the person, who did not wish to be named, told IANS.

The user was left stunned to see a Facebook representative landing at his home for inquiring about just a post.

This is beyond the scope of comprehension. It would be bad enough if the government did this but a private company, from another land no less, doing it is over the top.

The company is starting to get a reputation as more of their practices become known.

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What on earth is happening to the world? Why are social medias becoming political these days? I think it's time for these social medias to die and start a new.


We need to spread decentralized social medias to the masses to kill the current centralized social medias.


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To my understanding India does not have a privacy act.

Cops or any authority can break and enter your home without a search warrant?

One of the things i am currently curious about is the state of cryptocurrency regulation, RBI etc.? I would really wonder if one of the largest ‘so called democracy’ is fooling it’s people in believing in a free market. Money laundry? Seriously? Is that what they are scared of? It’s almost as if they want to restrict people from accessing information or the internet itself? If 1948 meant independence, it feels more like FIAT dependence and very dictatorial. I never liked any politicians but I really admire Modi’s relentless fight to improve the country and stop corruption. For the country that invented mathematics and came up with so much before the greeks, this is pretty lame guys! It shows me that India as it’s being sold to Indians by the modi government, probably died after the Kaliji invasion of 1193 AD. Currently the Hindu socialist movement internally viewed seems amazing. Maybe not so much for non Hindus? Externally it really does have something of a socialist dictatorship. Facebook actually has a deal with India. They got funded to build a surveillance system.

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That is some crazy stuff man.

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Is not an unsolicited physical user verification a violation of the Information Technology Act, 2000?
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The rules are being enforced by governments and Facebook is simply comply with that countries enforcement. It's sad to think that a US based company is being used to subjugate citizens. In my opinion the Tech Giants should just pull out of foreign countries and let the outcry from people effect legislation in this countries.

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wild stuff

Is this real? it happens to you? verification level gangsta haha


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It's becoming worse than big brother!

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This things will lead user decrements on fb

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i would rather be abducted.

What happened to free speech? Few years ago such a post won't even be an issue. Centralized social media platforms really need to be replaced.

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So,Do facebook ask for Aadhaar verification for continuing fb ID?

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Crazy stuff!!! Hard to Believe