What is Facebook doing now!? <facepalm>

in facebook •  7 months ago

I left Facebook last year for good reason. They have anti-privacy policies. It keeps getting worse as more and more things come to light. Now their app is asking for super user access to your mobile device? No way. Delete that shit ;-)

While social media is quite addicting, there are responsible ways to use the technology. Facebook has proven they are all about collecting and selling personal data points as well as advertising. They are actively programming you if you think about it. There are alternative options out there. I will never be going back to Facebook properties (messenger, instagram, WhatsApp, etc...) due to these policies.

[1] https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/the-facebook-android-app-is-asking-for-superuser-privileges-and-users-are-freaking-out/

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