Leaving Facebook Part 2 - Privacy and Data Mining

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The other day I wrote the first part of the "Leaving Facebook Series" where I talked about the chilling potential that Facebook has over defining an entire generation beliefs and assumptions.

Now today, I want to tackle the evidences that we have that the leadership of Facebook is corrupted and that it does everything in it's power to mine as much information as possible without regards to users privacy. We'll also look at what it does with State entity to control public opinion.

Facebook Isn't a Social Media Company, It's a Data Mining Company

There is no such thing as "free" in the marketplace...everything has a cost. When we watch television, channels don't make money with making entertaining shows, they make money by selling our attention to advertisers.

Same thing for Facebook. Facebook sells us a service on Facebook.com that allow you to do wonderful things "for free"...but really, their business is to gather as much data as possible on us to be sold to the highest bidder (companies, secret services, etc.) That means everything from geolocation, to who you called and when, to buying habits, credit scores, psychological profile, etc.

What did Zuck think of this practice of giving away our information for free to him and his company?
The following exchange is between a 19-year-old Mark Zuckerberg and a friend shortly after Mark launched The Facebook in his dorm room:

Zuck: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard
Zuck: Just ask.
Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS
[Redacted Friend's Name]: What? How'd you manage that one?
Zuck: People just submitted it.
Zuck: I don't know why.
Zuck: They "trust me"
Zuck: Dumb fucks.



If you download all of your data from Facebook, you would see that it as your entire call history, with who, when and for how long. It's as if there is no limit to what kind of data likes to gather from us.


Facebook - A Tool To Control Public Opinion...by Force if Necessary

After the massive increase of migrants coming from everywhere after the German Chancelor Angela Merkel created an open-door policies, people were not happy on social media. The crime rate rose quickly with the influx of young, unmarried, unaccompanied males who aren't necessarily fleeing war zones. (most, in fact, were not from war torn countries)

According to official counts, a disproportionate number of these migrants are young, unmarried, unaccompanied males. In fact, the sex ratios among migrants are so one-sided—we’re talking worse than those in China, in some cases—that they could radically change the gender balance in European countries in certain age cohorts. - Politico

After Ms. Merkel asked Mr. Zuckerberg about offensive posts on the refugee crisis, the Facebook CEO said “we need to do some work” on the issue.

“Are you working on this?” Ms. Merkel asked in English,

“Yeah,” Mr. Zuckerberg reportedly responded, before the transmission was disrupted.

And here we have it:


The tricky thing about hate speech is who defines it? What if telling the truth becomes subject to hate speech laws? What if "hate speech laws" becomes no different than was theocratic state calls "blasphemy laws"?

I'm Leaving Facebook...

...and I will cover in my next post how I am going about doing so. It is not easy to pull the plug...there are so many services and data Facebook provide in one place for me that it is hard to pull the plug.

I'm probably not alone in that situation and this is why I'm going to cover the process of weaning off, scraping my personal data and delete my Facebook account for good.


You nailed it.

Facebook is nothing but a data mining company. People were upset that they were selling data....yet that is to be expected. They are very open about the revenues they make from this.

What was not open was the depth of their surveillance. People are now really upset. The question is will they really do anything about it? I highly doubt it. A few will leave but most will continue to be on there on a daily basis.

Evil is a word that is applicable here. These people want total control. The governments of the world should nail FB and Zuckerberg to the wall. Sadly, they will not.

We need to keep promoting STEEM as an alternative. Yes there are flaws on this blockchain but we are progressing in the proper direction. With greater development, people are going to have more options. We need interfaces from different countries, perhaps some that are not required by law to keep data (the KYC laws).

Either way, FB should be dead to a lot of people. Personally, I hope they never recover from this.

I'm a computer engineering student. And some of the issues I talk about are about this. The future is completely data mining. There is no other explanation for this. I think Facebook is now the largest data mining site in the world we live in. Briefly, data mining; Data collection in an implicit manner is performed by monitoring the movement of the visitor over the site. The aim is again to determine the relevance of the visitor to the items. We can say.
Large companies from all sectors are trying to acquire or buy the statistics of the data. After that they produce products accordingly. This money is paid too much money. Because it's really more important than you think.
It is really disrespectful and unfair for Facebook to mining over us data.

I completely agree with you, my friend, what is happening now on the Facebook reminds me of the service for state corporations and governments. Freedom of speech and self-expression by and large for the Facebook has long been gone and everything is built for the sake of the interests of officials and businessmen. To be honest, I left the Facebook for a long time, because I realized that the principles of a free and independent social network, the Facebook lost forever, and your today's message is yet another confirmation. Thank you @cryptoctopus

Thanks for this post. i never saw things in the light you have projected them before now @crptoctopus . One question that keeps coming to my mind is this; if you run facebook ad, facebook know the right people to get to check out either either your physical or digital product.

facebook is able to get these information because of our activity not only on the social media platform but also on our phone.

The recent news of facial recognition was projected to help curb crime and all but on a second thought now, i realize its to increase their database, we would never know the result of this until years from now.

Facebook have over a billion active users monthly, there is no other social media platform that pulls same crowd as at today, leaving facebook would have been the best thing if there is a rival platform that pulls same crowd or close in figure .

facebook also acquired instagram and watsapp, so i guess if we all leave facebook, watsapp and instagram are there for them to get data on each and every user of these platforms.

Man, deleting Facebook wouldn't be that bad.. Annoying, but doable. Biggest drawback is Messenger. That app is so good for talking to people! I'm in so many little group chat things on there and it's really been invaluable. Facebook anymore isn't a big deal... Just that beautiful Messenger app.

I want to leave as well. I'm not using Facebook as of now, but I haven't deactivated it.
The problem is there are a lot of people close to me that I'm able to connect with on facebook, that is the only reason

same thing here. But I hope to find a good solution to leave without losing the benefits of having all my contacts and events in one place.

If you find one, do tell.

thanks nice post follow you blog and vote..

It's simple, delete everything, everything. just use it for contact and suggest to your friends other preferred methods and as they migrate then you can deactivate. It's sad that facebook has such control over people.

Now I am going to ask a seemingly intelligent question or so to speak...

Does leaving Facebook delet all the data they have about you? Does it get to crash zuckz server? Does it take away all the information about you already sold out to the public?

I think the deed has been done and since we can't turn back the hands of Time, let's just deal with it.

There is a specific process you have to go through to be absolutely sure everything is deleted. I will cover that in the future post.

I am so waiting to see that

I also personally not liking Facebook anymore but its become one of populer social media.we connect easily so its for anyone to leave it and i think most of people are not able to understand what u wrote in this post.

This is a huge eye opener.. What do those companies do with all the datas? It's really scary. Please do share how you will leave.. I'm interested.

"hate speech laws" are in direct contradiction of free speech, a country cannot claim to be a protector of free speech while screaming "hate speech" to every ugly truth people say.

How are you going to keep contact with your friends and family if you are not using FB anymore? I have too much family in there, and it will be hard to let go of that tool just like that...

And I have seen some people in twitter explaining all the information FB and Google are able to save about their users, its really alarming, yet I don't see too many people worried about it.

Its like the majority of the population is ok with this.

Great and valuable information.
I completely agree with you.
Facebook’s current app permissions leave billions of its users vulnerable without knowing it. If you play games, read news or take quizzes on Facebook, chances are you are doing those activities through third-party apps and not through Facebook itself. The default permissions that Facebook gives to those third parties currently include data from your education and work, current city and posts on your timeline.
We’re asking Facebook to change its policies to ensure third parties can’t access the information of the friends of people who use an app.
And lots more things which have to change.
But after joining the steemit I completely understand the differences between the social media.

Thanks @cryptoctopus for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

I won't lie its not going to be easy pulling the 🔌 plug from facebook. I have so many good memories in the form of pictures, videos that it is going to take a significant amount of storage space to transfer it to most painful part would be saying goodbye to relationships I have built over the years when I eventually leave facebook.

Very good article! 100% Upvote.
Most people just don't know or don't care..
Saved the article to show it around. ;)
greets from germany!

This is probably going to be a great decision. After reading some cases related privacy, i am also going to do so but i am not sure because deal has done and it's not refundable. I will decide about it.
I use Facebook rarely, once in a week, When i received so many notification about tags and posts related to me and to close ones. This is the only reason i access Facebook sometimes.

May be in future i can find all my friends on Steemit and then i don't need to access Facebook again.

i have left Facebook also but haven't deactivated yet, I'm in need of it as of now but may be in future i would have my work done from steemit only.. 😊

I'm also leaving facebook for good. In fact, my activities has dropped drastically since I joined steemit.
We should all start the campaign to open People's eyes just as you are doing.
Another thing is to intensify steemit promotion so that everybody will come on board and leave facebook for good

Whatever facebook was it was because of us, but after knowing the reality we got dissappointed, facebook sucks, we should quit it as soon as possible, they do the mining and use innocent people like us.

A very good post @cryptoctopus, after I read and understand from your content this is very useful for everyone, and especially for myself. Facebook is already in the know by the whole world, because on facebook we can get acquainted with people who live in other countries. In addition facebook also we can make as a place to make money, through the online sales of our products and we can pair ads. This is a very good information for me. Thank you for sharing this very helpful information, because this can be a new insight for me. Hope you have a wonderful day @cryptoctopus

That stuff is just totally scary... I mean I am ready to give up my Facebook now. I don't want some companies knowing everything about me

I used to use Facebook before. But Facebook spreads many false news. There is no proper rule in there.
Currently I stop using Facebook. Because there is nothing to learn, it is better to not use it @cryptoctopus

I would like to allow as well. I'm not by means of Facebook as of now, but I haven't deactivated it.
The obstruction is in attendance are a group of folks gather to me that I'm proficient to relate with on facebook, that is the single motivation

we must continue to promote STEEM as an alternative. Yes there are deficiencies in this blockchain but we are progressing in the right direction. With greater development, people will have more choices. we need interfaces from different countries, some may not be required by law to store data.
, FB should die for many people.

I strongly agree with the opinion of brother @ Cryptoctopus to leave facebook and join steemit. and I will make a massive campaign for facebook and join steemit. considering facebook very much load sara and disputes that are not worth the watch by minors. thank you @cryptoctopus

I'm not on facebook. I was on myspace, however :) I only use fake facebook profiles to sign up for apps.

already I vote and resteem this posting.
I agree with @cryptoctopus friends to create a campaign about delete facebook and join steemit
considering now very much that is loaded by facebook things that are not worth watching by all age kalayak. but they do not care about that, from now on let's give voice support besama @ cryptoctopus to leave facebook and join steemit.
thanks @cryptoctopus

@cryptoctopus i agree with you. i am also leaving facebook. because facebook fraud with all peoples. they sales their important information & also emotion. so That's why i leaving this fraud media. Thanks for your thought you share with us.

Good insight here and in part 1, just reaffirms what I was already feeling. Ugh it really is time to move on from FB ...

I am very supportive about this and agree with the @cryptoctopus brother. I see facebook is often loaded news that contains propaganda and news containing pornography that is not suitable in the show to minors, and I haveseveral times make a post to leave this facebook and join steem.
regards @cryptoctopus

Facebook is just a place to market local products. I will follow you @cryptoctopus to create a campaign to remove facebook and join steemit

It’s difficult to leave, everything is on Facebook your friends and family and school mates. Leaving Facebook just like you are locking yourself

Facebook is a first comunicative saystem
many people use this.i love Face book

Unfortunately i can't leave Facebook, i use it to talk to my friends, to download college material from older students, etc... i know sooner or later all these functions will be transferred to a blockchain but unfortunately, they haven't yet, and the alternatives to Facebook are just more of the same bullshit data selling censorship crap... while we are at it... youtube is just as bad, and instagram probably does the same thing since it's owned by facebook last time i checked

Yea the idea of social media minning datas from its users been the talk on all channels recently and from analysis gathered seems they are beginning to loose their worth in terms of monetary value, the above remind me of a speech a steemian made one day, that's he was scrolling through his feed and for some reason a ads popped up about wine glass and the funniest part he was actually discussing about it some few mins back, just goes to show that the data mining is real and all messages typed online be it personal or public is no longer safe/secure.

Unlike steemit which you quite know that everything you input is available to the public, on Facebook its another thing entirely.

From what I heard this morning seems the main problem is that technology is growing too fast and laws are yet to be made guiding such actions/activities

I’m looking forward to the next part, final boss of the internet will be getting off of google services, if you are looking for a place to further your quest to privacy.

Well Said @cryptoctopus.!
I left facebook Last Year when I join Steemit and now I have no Interest and no time for FBook. Now one thing is causing a tension to me that how can i delete my account from it because I has too much personal data in it. So Plz if you find any solution then guide me. I want to Burried FBook in Hell. Thanks for sharing valuable message. I appreciate and Support you.

Looking forward to reading the next one... I have unplugged quite a lot pver the last few years. I turned my mobile/cell phone off, I no longer have one (AND LOVE IT!). I started to really pull back on social media... and I'm deleting a lot of what is on my account. It was only crypto that got me back in front of my computer... and here I am on Steemit. I certainly spend more time here than FB, I can go days without using, looking or even opening FB. It's a good feeling... you really do start feeling like you're gaining parts of your life back... : )

really a tough and brave decision that you have to take. although our personal info is already with these people even if we delete our accounts permanently, at least they can not steal more from us anymore. many people like me will surely think twice before deleting our accounts until there a better alternative, since many of us rely on Facebook for school, work, communication. once a more secure and less invasive SNS like Steemit spread like wildfire, it will surely be the dark days for FB and other traditional SNS.

Excellent post @cryptoctopus! Not that you need my pride, but I'm real proud of you for leaving Facebook, and educating people why you are doing so. You may want to consider doing similar posts about Winblows 10, and other systems that pilfer userdata, and sell it to the highest bidder. If we could get privacy trendy again, we might be able to force the market to accommodate. If you don't game on your machine, Linux could just as easily serve your Operating System needs.

I quit facebook 4 days ago and convinced my friends to leave too. It wasn't easy because I had way too many associations through facebook, but luckily my facebook email was the same as my accounts sign-up email, so it wasn't much of a hassle. For some of my friends who don't manage their emails and accounts on the internet well, it was a living nightmare. The only thing I miss about facebook is gamer room, it really pinches me to loose all my facebook games progress.

Whoaaa good thing I didn't put a lot of information in my Facebook

I agree wiht you @cyptoctopus
may be in the beware!!
on the other hand we have to review developments because they are ours
I have always deleted facebook and did not update imformasi again in faceebook. facebook is a collection of silly people who post silly things Let's be honest here what Google is doing makes Facebook look like an amateur who is playing catch up. Has never been a worldwide fan.
steemit is a collection of great people with accurate and full of people with great work. steemit is worldwide and the people love it
Thanks for imformations @cryptoctopus

It is not just Facebook alone, there is no privacy anywhere on the internet. It is causing us more harm than good. But the unfortunate thing is that it has come to stay

I only use Facebook to share my blog posts or rant about stupid people upsetting me on the internet. And there are just one or two friends that actually read my posts. So I don't think I'll miss out on anything if I deactivate my account. I've been thinking about it more and more with all the news about Facebook dying anyway.

Facebook doesn't make its money from advertisers.

If you follow the ownersship, the same groups owns Coka-epsi as owns CNN as owns F-c-book. So, advertising revenue is just them paying themselves.

These owners are only interested in one thing. Control.
(They own the printing presses, so, what do they care about money?)

They want to keep your eyeballs affixed firmly to their propaganda.

They have always collected all the data they could get. They have never followed "the law". They do not believe in privacy. How much privacy would you consider appropriate for a cow?

Unfortunately for them, f-c-book and other platforms gave the ability for everyone to talk to everyone, and thus secrets become harder to hide.

I totally agree with your opinion @cryptoctopus
If we want to maintain whatever freedom we have and if we want to recover all that has been taken away from us, creating a decentralized internet will be the first step in a long marathon to get rid of and secure a decentralized internet, we need a safe way to access the internet without interference the hands of the government. What remains is the future. I agree with the 'delete your facebook' movement in that sense. Even the most glorious companies can crack. Decentralization may be the way, but if it's all in blockchain and permanently stored, generally like in Steem, it may not be the best for our privacy either! But blockchain also allows for encryption
This is still emitted by the same company, but the nodes are controlled by many people making it difficult for law enforcement agencies to control the majority and have a large amount of information from tapping communications.
I also feel that corrupt rulers should be wary because they have malicious intentions over the development of blockchain

thats ridiculous. Seriously it's taking our data?? Proper steps should be taken. We should be careful about using facebook

This very useful information,i also leave facebook before 8 month thanks for sharing @cryptoctopus .

I’m totally following this series because I’m in the same boat. I rarely use FB anymore (only to pull my pictures from albums I’ve created there) and wish I could just delete it for good.

I think that it's too easy to go straight to the top on this one and blame Zooks. He would have hired specific people to deal with various aspects of the business, so my question is - Which VP at Facebook is directly responsible for this?? Let's zoom in on the key decision makers rather than take the easy option of blaming just one person within such a large company. Then, they can all attend the select committee hearing and explain the timeline of events and the actions taken.
What do you think?
Anway i've always thought Zuckerberg came across like a cult leader- a slightly creepy megalomaniac. I watched a reporter on tv a while ago describing his experience of his tour of Facebook HQ
So none of this surprises me much- I deleted my account some time ago. Felt liberating.

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Great reasons censure, influence, data selling and misuse

What a world are in, and indeed you said there is nothing free in this world of ours. I support you bro, our data is being used without any fund accruing to us except the fun we derive using the account. Steemit is better of, earn as you use. Up steemit

Finally it is happening.
And this is going to happened with all social media Instagram (People will finally get bored of naked butts)
That company should go bankrupt as soon as possible

Wow!greatone and
This is a huge eye opener.. It's really scary. Please do share how you will leave.. I'm interested.

I think the same could be said for Google, but I am still a huge Google fan. My biggest issue with Facebook is the validation that it gives to people who really shouldn't be getting that validation. I think the data is out there though if people want to get it. Facebook is just making it easier for these companies to access it. As much as I hate it, there is a thin line we walk for convenience vs. security. Unfortunately these days, most people choose convenience.

We should compile a list and work around of navigating without Facebook but enjoying some of the practicalities that we've grown to enjoy. Messaging/Keeping contacts for example. I guess it comes down to keeping people's contacts the old fashioned way... in our address books! Another giant is Google. They store huge amounts of data on our lives they use to make our devices run costomized to how we live. https://steemit.com/googlegate/@fyrstikken/how-to-download-your-youtube-archive-and-put-it-on-d-tube-ipfs-and-other-google-horror-stories

Hopefully, everyone takes your decision into consideration. Facewhat and Mark the government’s puppet what a jerk. It amuses me that the government is investigating Silicon Valley for breaking their users privacy not long after Snowden showed that the government is too. Facewhat is centralized government’s puppet. It’s hard to deny the number of people who signed up on his site and stay clueless about what they do with the data they share so freely. It seems like it should be common sense that when a service is “free” and they flourish financially that they are selling your data for profit. The masses don’t like to think about stuff like that though since they want the most popular things to be innocent benevolent. It makes it an easier pill to swallow if you go along with the lie. Google got the same (can do no wrong) treatment and only in recent years have people started waking up to that issue as well. Let’s be honest here what Google does makes Facewhat look like an amateur playing catch up. Never been fan of Facewhat and never had an account!

well good to see your part 2 on it and i also agree with you and also leaved facebook since last some months because first thing facebook only a greedy site which earen from our data and dont pay us any one penny and second think now i see mostly shity posts and i think the totally waste of time on facebook with non serious and unkknowledge data from every one but in this post i am listening some new and intresting points of facebook from dylen mckey and Ms Merkel that you described in this post so i think in your next post i will know some more thing about it

This is a great eye opener .. What do these companies do with all the data? It's really scary.
Do leaving Facebook delete all the data they have about you.
since there is steemit I never again open facebook, because I think facebook just a waste of time.

it is not easy to completely stay away from internet,social media. You may delete facebook ,but i bet you still will be using whatsapp which is owned by facebook. Or you still will have linkedin account because of professional reasons. The key here is publishing as less information in social media as possible.


Lit a gigar for me now heheehe

There are definitely many reasons why one might decide to restrain from using Facebook. Considering this data mining activities, I will say it is an. Horrible thing to do.

I however believe people need an alternative e platform before they can consider leaving Facebook

Excellent article although scary stuff!!

I am sure Google will be similar.

Like you mention many people will want to leave the platform but things like groups on there are really good for networking and other platforms are just not as good (In my opinion)

You can also see why many marketers use fb paid adds as the reach is just incredible and you can really drill down in the audience insights.

Thanks for sharing :-)

dang! Good for you. Yes, we are just data to FB. ugh!

btw, it was really nice to meet you at the Steemit Meetup! You are so much fun. :)

Yeah, saw this conversation with the "dumb fucks" thing. Seems like he's been like this since the beginning.

I agree that it can be hard to leave facebook when it offers so many services. Especially for people who run businesses... You might have your own page, run ads and communicate with others for business purposes. So it can be hard to throw all that away... But when you realize that all information about you is being handed to various entities... Makes you really think about deleting your account!

you got the point, but not only facebook, google also doing the same process. but i don't think people will leave it ;) @cryptoctopus


Nice topic .
Thanks for share this again @cryptoctopus

As it seems I have quit my activity on FB a long time ago ;)

Seems like my decision was correct !

I keep asking myself if Facebook would have reached massive adoption if it was introduced in the form it is today. The only value it gives me in its current form is Messenger and groups, which could easily be replaced. I believe that Facebook at some point provided value for its users, kind of like I believe Steemit brings social value to its users today.

It will be interesting to see how Steemit develops compared to Facebook. The way I see it, Steemit isn't much better than facebook when it comes to privacy. Everything on Steemit is saved, just as it is on Facebook, except on Steemit it's public...

Yes..thank you! I am on Steemit now for some of the reasons you mention and just this morning posted about why I am deleting my other social media accounts and, with relish, Facebook. You and I are not alone and it feels good to see others on the same path.

I sick until today because someone hack my facebook.this evides I disactived facebook forever

The decision my friend I always shut my Facebook account😂😂😂😂😂

This is a great series on Facebook, Re-steemed and cross-posted it on Instagram!


Looking forward for the 3rd chapter

such a wonderful post.thanks for sharing with us.we are very greatfull to see and knowing this poat.go ahead.people will be benefited on this.nice blog.keep going on your way

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