Facebook Deleted

in facebook •  8 months ago

Mark, come into my office and shut the door.


I am going to have to let you go.

These People and they way they run their business make me sick. I have always hated Facebook and have wanted to delete it for a long time. Today is the day that Facebook gets the axe.



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Good move! I have been off of facebook for eight years now. No regrets.
I see people doing things on facebook on the train, in the streets, and I think to myself. "They are giving away all this content for Zuckerman to get advertising dollars." How stupid is that.


Thanks, after the latest revelations about Cambridge Analitica I think the timing is right for me. I think if Facebook wants to stay in bussiness they better start their own blockchain.

Just Steemit

#fuckzuck ! Nice move 👍

Today my friend, you have further Decentralized yourself. Bravo and a big tip of the hat to you! To @bytzz floating around in this comment section...this is my 8 year anniversary since deleting FB! Whoohoo!