Facebook steals Your data?

in #facebook2 years ago

Hi all, Just thought that I will share my point of view on the whole #deletefacebook movement. First off all, I do use they service, but I tend to use it less and less over time, and most of the time it is acting like a news aggregate service and to keep in touch with friends.

If anyone after Snowden's related publications has the tiniest hopes that Facebook is keeping Your data safe and encrypted then... I feel sorry for You. On the other hand, it is a social media that users are feeding, what You feed it will breed.

I have made a small experiment lately, downloaded the backup of my data and brows through it, and well... no sign of phone calls or even the messaging other that that happening in FB Messanger, how did that happen?

For one, I use FB only via the browser. For second, If You realy need to use the messanger service it is better not to merge it with Your regular messaging and calling services. Yes, Messanger ask user after install and sometimes after few times using it if the user want to merge the services of FB with regular ones (like sms, calls) if You will answer Yes, than all the sms and calls will be logged by the FB app and finally ends in Mark's servers. I am using messanger in this manner - not merged with other services, and after downloading my data from facebook there is no trace of my phone calls, other than that made by messanger and text messages, also, other than that made by messanger.

I am not advocating fb, specialy after Snowden's files few years back, but it is I think wise to say: keep track of what You are sharing and what You are allowing apps You install.