Yes, that's fabric !!! - Ja das ist Stoff !!!

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This is one of the most interesting fabrics I have seen, yet. I don't really know what to make from this cotton jersey, but time will tell. Maybe you have an idea what to make from it?

Das ist bisher einer der interessantesten Stoffe, die ich gesehen und gekauft habe. Ich weiß noch gar nicht, was ich davon machen werde. Es ist ein Baumwolljersey. Vielleicht habt Ihr Ideen?

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This is amazing fabric @creative-life... So many questions that come to my mind....

  • how big is the design? is it this same fabric ? I searched 'Rembrandt jersey'
  • how much fabric do you have ?
  • what sort of clothes do you like wearing ? casual : t-shirts, leggings/track suit bottoms, hoodies ?

Personally I would go for a long sleeve t-shirt... with a separate / detachable collar (like a cowl) to wear when the weather's a bit cold.
Depending on how much fabric there is left I would be tempted to make a bag as well... I know it's jersey, but it you use the right backing fabric it would look great ...

  • My final question (I promise) who's the manufacturer of the fabric ? I just wonder whether they produce other 'masters' :)

Thank you for your reply! Yes, it is that fabric! Unfortunately I have only 1 meter. So, I could make a skirt or a shirt or a bag. The idea of a long sleeve shirt is good, but I dont have enough fabric for it. I bought it at a fabric market in Berlin, Germany. So, I dont know the manufacturer, sorry.

I am jelous now @creative-life 😉 ... I live in a small town so there's no access to fabric markets...

You could always make the back / sleeves / trimmings in a plain colour picked from one of the colours in the design, eg dark brown / navy...

I look forward to seeing what you can make...

Good idea! That fabric market travels around Germany and Netherlands. It stops in Berlin twice a year. But it is quiet expensive, that is why I bought only 1 meter. There are a few weekly markets (like farmer markets) in Berlin where you get fabric for a few bucks. One is very big and half of the sellers have fabrics. That is unique. Havent seen that kind of market anywhere else in the world. If you ever come to Berlin take a big luggage with you :D

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