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 Fable 2 - Windows Version

Download Fable 2 for your PC and control the life of your character. Forge your destiny on Fable 2 and enjoy a role play and exceptional action


Fable is a video-game of role and action considered a masterpiece. Created by Lionhead Studios, under the baton of founder Peter Molyneux, here is the second part, Fable 2 pc. On the first part you had to control the design of a single child in the world. This heartbreaking story offered to control all the events in his life and make key decisions about his future. Thus, you can forge the identity and personality of the subject , turning him into a hero or a villain.


  • Innovative game system in real time .
  • Choose the sex of the main character.
  • New scenarios to explore in the world of Albion.

Travel back in time

Fable 2 is the sequel to this first part, 500 years later. As in the first game, the decisions mark the future of the character and you must be careful. This second part develops in the world of Albion, but the circumstances have changed. The magic is gone and the heroes are not as idolized as before. If you liked the first part, do not miss Fable 2, a unique story where you will be the only one to forge the fate of the character

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