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Medical or health technology is defined by the World Health Organization as the "application of organized knowledge and skills in the form of devices, medicines, vaccines, procedures and systems developed to solve health problems and improve the quality of lives". Medical technology cut across pharmaceuticals, devices, procedures, and organizational systems used in the healthcare industry. Medical technology or MedTech, encompasses a wide range of healthcare products and is used to treat diseases and medical conditions affecting humans. It is intended to improve the quality of healthcare delivered via early diagnosis, less invasive treatment options and reduction in hospital visit and rehabilitation times. Recent advances in medical technology have also ensured reduction in costs, and has increase environmental friendliness.


Introducing FOR LONG LIFE Inc.
As part of our investment strategy, we introduce FOR LONG LIFE Inc., a MedTech company that has developed away to naturally cure diabetes and other terminal ailments using natural alternatives such as herbs. As already known, the blood and dollar-sucking "white mafia" is ruling the world today, because they claim to heal diabetic patients, but unfortunately they do not cure them. Big diabetes focused organizations are seriously milking off billions of dollars annually from governments and multilateral organizations in exchange for insulin. However, researchers have proven that insulin has never healed any sick person suffering from diabetes. There are over 400 million people in the world suffering from diabetes, and every year 4.5 million people die of this disease.


FABA supports the anti-diabetes medicine developed by FOR LONG LIFE Inc., that works as a prevention and when taken in a larger doses, it can fully cure diabetes. FOR LONG LIFE Inc., is a US based company that is a subsidiary of Trisystems Ltd. an international industrial group founded by Antonin Tony Spirit in 2010. They are focused in the areas of health, lifestyle, ecology and quality of life. Industry leaders, scientists and researchers from around the world bring their knowledge together to develop unique products for people's health. The well-established international network combines knowledge from various fields to understand what science can do to meet the needs of people around the world today.

FABA is happy to be in association FOR LONG LIFE Inc., and we hope that you are happy for us too.


This is great! Another partnership for Faba! Projects are starting to recognize how Faba can help them.

The project is constantly attracting growing interest as a global audience and investors! The project has very ambitious plans to conquer the market! I advise everyone to participate in the purchase of tokens! #FABA #venture capital #investment #crypto #blockchain #ICO #tokensale

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This is awesome!

🎁 Dear @akbarbadsha,

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This is awesome! Yeah, I'm happy with this, happy to read about this. This would be a great help in the healthcare industry.

FABA is a excellent company with a great future! This is the company that will change the future and look at many things! I am very glad that I saw such a company with a serious team and with great goals! #FABA #venture capital #investment #crypto #blockchain #ICO #tokensale

The blockchain-tech is a good innovation that has helped a lot of people dream come to pass. Even though many people fight the system but we can be sure that it will surely thrive. Therefore, with the emergence of this setup, it is a sure fact that the blockchain-tech industry will surely reach its ultimate vision.
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