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As part of our investment strategy to select and invest into viable projects and start-ups with kin attention to quality business plans; unique teams; due diligence; the right markets; quality products that address needs, and thoughtful investment strategy, we are glad to announce that FABA has made a strategic partnership with Moolya in the amount of USD 750,000. Moolya which also received USD 2.5M from Pecunio (decentralized investment platform) is a unique software and app testing company based in India with a client base that also consists of some of the fortune 500 companies.


Partnering with Moolya enables us to gain easier access to the Indian market. As a software and app testing company, we believe that Moolya will become a global player in the app and software testing industry which will be instrumental for both tech start-ups and other companies that promote a positive impact on our environment.

As an app and software testing company, Moolya tries to bridge the gap between finding quality and business related information through software that matters to clients and their customer's success.

Faba believes in Moolya's CEO Rakesh Naik, and the entire Moolya team. India is one of the fastest growing venture capital markets and we are confident that our investment round at Moolya will be highly beneficial to Faba Invest and its investors.


Let us help spread of Faba invest! Resteem and let the world know the best project for investment!

great to hear this news

great project

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