Great way to bring us to this experience!
I'm an Italian car and moto enthusiast, can I ask you:

  • What did you use to shoot and take videos?
  • How much does this package cost?

Aheading to Mugello tomorrow to see MotoGP!

Great job @svemirac

Bravo veljo. cestitam :)

Hvala care! :D

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Very great,I like formula1,but I have not had a chance to watch it live.

I hope you grab your first chance. :) And wisely chose your watching place. :)

Awesome content!
Increased my appetite to dive more into Formula 1 again!

I hope we all enjoy great battles and overtakes next year, and hopefully nice Halo solution.

i was in italy watching the grand prix on MONZA it was an amazing experience. War really nice of you to post stuff like this :D

Well, first it bothered me that there is so little F1 content on steemit. Second one, I also wanted to write everything down for myself. So writing for steemit was nice and useful.

What a Car Hala Mercedes ! Mercedes is my all time Love .. @svemirac You have travel so many beautiful places.. #thanks

E svaka čast na trudu, na destinaciji i na ostvarenoj želji!
Srećna ova godina 😎

Hvala čovek! :)
Srećna i berićetna! :)

Followed for more F1 news. I'm hoping for the new season to start and as a Finn it already feels a bit bitter sweet since it will be last season for Kimi.

Well, I hope not! :)
Few not so breaking news:

  1. Kimi's race engineer left Ferrari (Greenwood)
  2. Torpedo = future F1 champion - Daniil Kvyat just joined ferrari as a test driver until Vettel ( or kimi) [pun inteded] retires :D
    But I believe Bottas is World Champion material! :) I will update everything about F1 as soon as the circus starts :)

Cheers! And... well just for you :)
click on image ;)
Cheers! :)

This track is a perfect example of how throwing millions at something does not make it great.

Well, I guess that is why Liberty Media is trying to get more classic European tracks on the calendar. France GP next year and Nurburgring in near future, and possible come back of South African GP.
Even if I don't like their logo, they are doing good job so far.

Great! Very great! I like post like this ,heart-built and original post! It gives me the situation , experience you have been through. And i learned something new ,real one . thumb up!

Thank you, sai!
Well, I tried to make this pst a little bit smaller, even this version has millions of cut outs, but then I would ruin the post. :)
I am glad you liked it.

Well done ! Together we steemit!

very nice post

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Dubai is amazing

Everything's different now in Abu Dhabi. The last time I visited this place was year 2000. I Miss Abu Dhabi more!

I was expecting this

great post

very nice you post
Upvote back may post, okay

Nice post! Thanks for sharing your life experience. I must say that your story is a memorable one, thanks God that after all you passed through, SUCCESS is your name. I follow and upvote you.

Excellent post and pictures! What camera did you use? @originalworks

Thank you very much!
I used Canon EOS 70D; EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM

post is useful and very good @svemirac
thanks .. I wait for him.

Thank you very much, I did my best. Both on track and behind a keyboard. :)

Wow, very detailed post... Awesome story :) @originalworks2

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Bravo!!! Thumbs up for your post..

Really awesome post. My brother is a HUGE F1 fan so this was a nice read. the photos are incredible too.

good job stemit.

Wow this is great.

Glad you liked it!

What an amazing post, @svemirac! I really felt like I was there with you, and what a cool experience to share! The roar of the cars in the video clip was pretty awe inspiring. Great job!

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Cheers - Carl

Hello Carl!
Thank you very much for your kind words and support. I am glad that I was able to transfer at least some of the experience to others.

  1. You have my permission to quote this article , and use photos from this post.
  2. Well I am 26 year old from Serbia, PhD student of astrophysics, working on 3D explosion simulations of core-collapsing supernovae with supercomputers and using follow-up observations to support it. Apart from astrophysics, I practice aikido. In the near future I plan to post few articles about aikido (japanese martial art), astrophysics, solar system, science fiction and most likely another travel report/experience from European trip.

Thank you once again for considering me, and resteeming me @Curie!

Thanks for the great response! I used most of this quote in the write up and I linked to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe series of posting as well because I think it is terrific and underexposed. Keep up the great posting!

Wow. This looks like it was an amazing event. And your pictures and videos came out great. I really enjoyed reading through this.

really great masterpieces of postings if only I can make a post like you make sure I can also be successful like you, if I @anandafaris may ask what your tricks in doing such a good post amazed at you.

Nice Post Over here Thanks for the information its a Great tourist destination

Wow, very interesting and succesfull post :) congratulations!

Great Post. AirNet Hawk-Project - @exstyle = 06/01/2018 _AHP16 :

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - Unforgetable Paddock Experience at Yas Marina Circuit

Sharing and Supporting on Steemit - Reaching deep space with 'best priced' RESTEEM