RE: Ezira Hangout #19 | Ezira: State of the Network | 2018-8-12 | 1PM UTC

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Ezira Hangout #19 | Ezira: State of the Network | 2018-8-12 | 1PM UTC

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Upvote this comment if you will be at this week's Ezira hangout. A random upvoter will be selected live to win 50 EZIRA and 50 BTS.

Comment here with your BTS address to enter.


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Bts id: emekacollins2018

bts id: sk-reza


BTS: Sandrag89

BTS id :

BTS: antonio-montilva

I want to know more about Ezira, we''ll see tomorrow.

BTS: nrequena-s

BTS: rmgc1982




Greetings, good initiative, here I am learning more and more about the use of this social network, may it be of great success for the future.

Bts: elemarg25

Every day we visit new places, even if they are in our environment, we meet new people, on this day I got to know EZIRA and I think it's great, from now on I am part of this beautiful project. Thank you. @dahaz159

My bitshare account is

Bitshares: mar-vel

BTS: n1cknjsp

Hello! Wish you success in your project.
Bts:gate-io-bts66 ! Memo is:0005185c0b248b6f

Bts: danvel90

bts: rocoduran83

What is BTS? I am New HERE please let em know

BTS ID: angelasdrubal20