RE: Ezira Hangout #18 | Ezira: State of the Network | 2018-8-5 | 1PM UTC

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Ezira Hangout #18 | Ezira: State of the Network | 2018-8-5 | 1PM UTC

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If you will be coming to this weeks Ezira hangout, upvote this post, and comment your bitshares address.

A random upvoter will be selected live to win 50 Bitshares and 50 EZIRA


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Count with me for the hangout! Let's build the new world!

BTS: nrequena-s


I think this be as a great idea to start new platform.

bts id : honey1994

OMG I hope to win some ezira! I dont have any yet! Bts account: leribyleri1992

Wow what a great chance to get my first Ezira. BTS: jackson500

BTS: Sanchezal95

What thing is make ezira different from Steemit. As we already using steemit, so whats new in this platform?

Wow this is so cool... Thanks @dahaz159 for your constant updates and info on Ezira 👍

Wow this is cool thanks for the give way.

count on me That Ezira the great project.

Excelente estaremos atentos...

Positively energy always be an good scope and that takes a steem to a more higher level.

bts id : pit-a-pat

follow me and upvote me

nice article
keep it up...