Ezira Hangout #12 | Ezira: State of the Network | 2018-6-17 | 1PM UTC | Website Redesign

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Ezira combines blockchain social media, with a decentralized exchange and a peer to peer marketplace.

Project Updates:

  • Ezira Website Redesign
  • Ezira Whitepaper Update Review – Changes to post promotion, the project roadmap, and future EZIRA allocation.

Join the Ezira Discord channel and tune in at 1:00PM UTC on Sunday 17th of June to take part in the next Ezira Hangout! Comment your question or topic, and it will be discussed live.

Build The Next World.


Ezira is running a preliminary Initial Coin Offering on Bitshares, using the asset EZIRA. Each unit will be converted to 1 EZIRA on the main net release. The crowdfunding campaign ends on the 1st of September.

  • EZIRA rewards: Every account that holds EZIRA for 4 weeks and is active will earn EziraCoin rewards. 20% of issued EziraCoin will be distributed to EZIRA holders, to provide a reward for ownership.
  • Network revenue: Ezira earns revenue from promoted posts, memberships, and trading fees. Proceeds are used to autonomously buy and burn EziraCoin. This increases the value of EziraCoin, and benefits all ecosystem participants.
  • Network Growth: Ezira offers incentives for new users to be introduced to the blockchain. The growth in users represents a growth in the value held in the EZIRA asset to access voting power and network resources.

Send bitshares or bitUSD to ezira to purchase EZIRA in the weekly auction

Ezira is Powered by the Bitshares blockchain. Create your Bitshares address to hold your EZIRA assets.

What is Ezira?

Ezira is a distributed social media and business platform, that will enable everyone to share information and value freely. Ezira is like Facebook, but with Cryptocurrency rewards. Earn from your posts, without censorship. Ezira is to Steemit, as Facebook is to reddit.

Read the Ezira Outline

See last week's Hangout:


Investment Thesis





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