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This the premiere public release of my latest work: The Ezira Whitepaper V1.0. 

I propose a new blockchain network, based on the advances of Steem and Bitshares, with advanced functionality. I am open to any and all public discourse regarding my proposal, and considering expressions of interest to join the development team. All earned funds from Steem posts will be powered up, and used to fund development. Follow to read the proceeding posts, as I publish the entirety of the whitepaper directly to the Steem blockchain for public consideration. 

Ezira White Paper V 1.0: https://www.scribd.com/document/338834077/Ezira-Whitepaper-V1-0


A democratic social media and cryptoeconomic network   

Harrison Mclean (harrison.mclean1@gmail.com)   

V1.0 - 9th February 2017


Ezira is a distributed and democratic blockchain based social media and cryptoeconomic platform.  

It presents an open source network for building communities and businesses by empowering them with cryptocurrencies, user sovereignty, and digital identity. Ezira is a decentralized autonomous organization that incentivizes and directly compensates its contributors, asset holders, and workers at the blockchain level, and provides a wide scope of public services to network participants. It enables the creation of digital businesses operating on a powerful, transparent, and accountable financial system. Ezira offers a next generation platform for banking, payments, business management, and uncensorable communication. 

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Ezira Project Plan:

  1. Public Whitepaper initial release.

  2. Whitepaper Feedback.

  3. Establishment of Development Team.

  4. Implementation of proof of concept.

  5. Development of public testnet.

  6. Formation of initial Executive Board.

  7. Release of public testnet Alpha.

  8. Release of Ezira Development Roadmap 1.

  9. Snapshots taken for sharedrop - 1,000,000 EZIRA.

  10. Preliminary Initial Coin Offering - 2,000,000 EZIRA.

  11. Completion of Ezira Development Roadmap 1.

  12. Release of Ezira Development Roadmap 2.

  13. Main Initial Coin Offering - 5,000,000 EZIRA.

  14. Release of Ezira Mainnet blockchain.

  15. Block 0 - Commencement of EziraCoin mining, and sharedrop.

  16. Release of Ezira.io public beta web application.

  17. Completion of Ezira Development Roadmap 2.

  18. Full Ezira network completion according to whitepaper.

  19. Inaugural Ezira Network Executive Election.

  20. Main open launch campaign of Ezira.io.


I'm reading it up atm.. 70+ pages! If you're on steemit.chat and discord etc, you might want to link it up with some other folks there for more eyeballs on the paper.

Edit: not much of an expert here, so resteemed - all the best!

I loved your whitepaper. It was extremely well thought out and well written.
You might want to consider publishing somewhere other than scribd though.
Besides being rather hard to read there, scribd is making some interesting "further reading" suggestions.