Prove You Are Escaped From Color Blindness

in #eyes3 years ago

Hello friend steemit came back with me with one test. This test is still related to steemit vision ability. This test is usually done if someone wants to enter the University especially college health, color blind test is a liability.

This test aims to determine whether a person's eyes can still recognize the color well or not or still have good vision ability or not.

His vision ability will be known from the tests given by the doctor. Usually the test is a symbol or numbers in a set of colors. Well if the trick of our eyes have a nuisance of course we will be wrong in answering the test.Here are some tests that will test your eyes.

1.What you can read from the picture

2.Still you can see this paper

3.What numbers do you see in the picture

4.still you see that number

That's my friend steemit,congratulations try hopefully your eyes ability is still extraordinary alias free of color blindness.

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