Eye4art Poetry Contest Rerun

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Hello, everyone. After a long silence, we are back. We are still looking to do a different week 9 by highlighting poetry a whole week. We had a contest dubbed #Eye4artPoetryWeek to help us find poets easier but only one @kimberlylane participated in it.


Can we RERUN it??

Yes, we definitely can with hopes that more poets will participate this week. Help us transition from visual art to literature and you might WIN yourself some SBDS while you are at it.

And as you might have guessed, there are rules :)

Those rules are;

  1. Create an ORIGINAL poem and post it on your blog.

  2. You get to choose the topic so try to make it worthwhile.

  3. The poem can't be less than FOUR stanzas.

  4. Use the tags #eye4artpoetryweek, #eye4artpoetry, or #eye4art or as a tag in your post to help us find it easily.

This contest runs for the next seven days and you are eligible to enter every day until the last day unless you get highlighted. Those who don't get highlighted stand a chance to get 100% vote!

Let the game begin!


Eye4art is a small team with an interest in shining a light on deserving underappreciated artists. You can support us by:

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Admin @tezmel.

Project founded by @erodedthoughts.



Just posted another one :) Hope more people join.

Thank you 💗

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