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RE: Powerup Statistics #21 - Sep 14th - Sep 27th + Addressing STEEM Inflation and why SBD is $0,62.

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It was a new information to me. Is it possible to completely take away SBD part from steem in the upcoming hard Fork? The very existence of two different coins itself is quite confusing for newcomers.

And a small suggestion.. would you put 'full stop' to mark decimals instead of 'comma'? They are confusing.


Agree with this if you could go back in time to when the Blockchain started and avoid minting it. But some people hold it now and you can't obliterate it out of existence can you? Or if you issued STEEM for SBD held now, what is the fairest price to force people to part with the SBD.

Yeah, I get it. Now we can't do anything as it has become an unavoidable part of the system.

For years this has been suggested and the answer is no, SBD was created to be sort off pegged currency so that businesses created in Steem can have a sort-off stabled currency to work with but right now its not the case!

And be prepared for a lot more complexity when SMTs come out because these tokens will work like Steem and you'll be able to power up/power down/delegate these as well and there's gonna be hundreds of them!

That kind of complexity does nothing more than turning newcomers down. Steem will be full of geeks.

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