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RE: For the 50th Time, I'm gaining even more Faith in Steemit...

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erm... @lucylin, allow me that I translate for ya what @skramatters is saying.

He says: that both he and you and me too. The three of us have been muted by this 'celebrity' long time ago. Hence, he cannot be enlightened with our radiant eloquence, smoking coherence and exuberant sense of humor through our exquisite comments in his posts anymore. };)


Mine was a very recent mute..
....well, that's him going into my video (on communities), today....

I haven't had a mute for a while (must try harder).

Always count on snowflake to close their ears to things they don't like to hear.
Reality and so forth.
(and yeah, we know he's reading his comments through an alt account....clever....very cleverrrr ....lmao)

Hahahaha, yeah mate... amazingly cleverrrr!!

I haven't had a mute for a while (must try harder).

Ah my dear @lucylin. Don't be modest, you are a Rising Star in this department. :)

....well, the first part of the video is

The 3 mutedteers? 😂😎🤘

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