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RE: Powerup Statistics #21 - Sep 14th - Sep 27th + Addressing STEEM Inflation and why SBD is $0,62.

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Hmmm. Interesting. I wondered what was going on with SBDs because I seeem to remember that when there was a big gap previously people were writing posts about buying SBD and converting it. But nobody has mentioned it much this time.

That must have been a different situation, presumably when the value of Steem was high.


Exactly. I was one of those. In an effort to get sbd to it's peg, people have to convert it regularly. Right now, there's no advantage to that (unless you think steem is going to dive further, but then why not just hang on to your fiat? If you think steem is going up, well, and should rise with it, too. But then why not just buy Steem? I suppose it's a hedge between the two possibilities. If steem drops, sbd will drop, too, but not as much. If steem rises, sbd will rise, too, but not as much.)

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It's all very mysterious to me. I've read so many posts about this stuff over the time I've been here but it's still are clear as mud! 😂

Ask and I shall answer!

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