Steem Monsters battle with sound effects and music + drafting new team.

in exyle •  6 months ago


The first thing I did this morning was having a couple of rounds of Steem Monsters battles.

I also bought more cards from the market because now I realise better how they will be used.

The more lvl'ed a card is the more abilities they will have.

Different cards also have different abilities so having a complete set of cards just increases your options when drafting a team.

In the Beta all the cards are maxed out but my collections sure isn't!

I managed to record a video this time with sound effects and music (Battle starts @ 0.20).

Yeah, I got beat pretty bad. Back to the drawing board!

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Dude. I hope you're this easy to beat as a boss :P




Haha! I doubt it man!



Mark @exyle Dude, You Got Smoked !

hello how do you get access to the battle?


Those who've bought 500+ packs have the option to be beta testers before game-play launches officially.
See the "Mavericks" channel here - -

Why didn't you use dtube? :)


Yes dtube cool


Dtube may be cool, but self voting on trivial comments is definitely not cool


I'll vote to that!

wowowo awesome
The music feels like you are in a actual battle arena




Yeah, I'm hoping later for different music in different arena's.

This looks already so epic, I can't believe the is releasing after 3-4 months after the initial idea announcement. I smell killer application for Steem and I have worked in gaming journalism before. This is HUGE.


Yeah, I smell it too :)

I have been enjoying the gameplay as well! Just when you feel you have a solid team and get a win or two, you get destroyed by another team. I have experienced the same multiple times. I think it shows that the game is well balanced so far. Looking forward to more!


Yeah, there is always another combo that will beat your own team somehow I have noticed. Tons of fun and this is just the beginning.

How did you do? I haven't been back in the system in a while, so I will have to check it out this morning. I might have to snag some more booster packs as well!

The battle was intensely epic nice to watch that :D